Special needs parenting

10 Top Blogs and Websites for Parents of Children with Special Needs.

Jun 4, 2023

As a parent of a child with special needs, you may often find yourself seeking support, advice, and resources to help navigate the unique challenges that come with your parenting journey. Fortunately, there are numerous blogs and websites dedicated to providing valuable information and guidance for special needs parents. To help you find the best resources for your family, we’ve compiled a list of 10 top blogs and websites that cater specifically to parents of children with special needs.

1. Love That Max

Love That Max is a blog created by Ellen Seidman, a mom who shares her experiences raising her son Max, who has cerebral palsy. The blog offers insights into daily life as a special needs parent, as well as practical tips and resources for navigating various challenges. Ellen’s candid storytelling and personal anecdotes make this blog relatable and inspiring for other parents in similar situations.

2. The Mighty

The Mighty is an online community where people with disabilities, chronic illnesses, and mental health conditions share their stories and experiences. The site also features numerous articles written by special needs parents that offer practical advice, emotional support, and useful resources for navigating the complexities of raising a child with special needs.

3. Friendship Circle Blog

The Friendship Circle Blog is an extension of the Friendship Circle organization, which focuses on providing support to individuals with special needs and their families. The blog covers topics such as disability advocacy, parenting tips, education for special needs children, and therapy options. Additionally, the blog features guest posts from experts in various fields, providing valuable insights and advice for special needs parents.

4. The Autism Dad

The Autism Dad is a personal blog written by Rob Gorski, a single dad raising three children on the autism spectrum. Rob shares his family’s experiences, struggles, and triumphs with honesty and humor. His perspective as a father provides a unique viewpoint for other special needs parents seeking support and understanding.

5. Different Dream Living

Different Dream Living is a website that offers resources and encouragement for parents of children with special needs or chronic illnesses. The site features articles on topics such as homeschooling special needs children, medical care coordination, and self-care for caregivers. It also includes guest posts from other special needs parents who share their personal stories and insights.

6. The Inclusive Class

The Inclusive Class is an online resource that provides practical tips, strategies, and resources for creating inclusive classrooms for students with disabilities. The site offers valuable information on topics like accommodations, modifications, and assistive technology that can help special needs parents advocate for their child’s education.

7. Parenting Special Needs Magazine

Parenting Special Needs Magazine is an online publication that offers expert advice, real-life stories, and helpful resources to special needs parents. The magazine covers a wide range of topics, including therapy options, financial planning, and navigating the school system. With its comprehensive approach, this site is a valuable resource for parents seeking support and guidance.

8. A Day in Our Shoes

A Day in Our Shoes is a blog written by Lisa Lightner, an advocate and mother of a child with disabilities. The blog offers practical advice on topics like IEPs (Individualized Education Programs), disability rights, and advocacy. Lisa’s firsthand experience as both a parent and an advocate makes her blog an invaluable resource for special needs parents seeking guidance.

9. Understood

Understood is a comprehensive website that provides resources and support for families of children with learning and thinking differences. The site offers expert advice on topics such as managing emotions, building social skills, and navigating the school system. With a wealth of information available, Understood is an essential resource for special needs parents.

10. Noah’s Dad

Noah’s Dad is a personal blog written by Rick Smith, who shares his family’s journey raising their son Noah, who has Down syndrome. The blog documents their experiences with honesty and humor while providing valuable insights into raising a child with special needs. Rick’s perspective as a father offers support and encouragement to other parents in similar situations.

In conclusion, these 10 blogs and websites offer invaluable resources, support, and guidance for special needs parents facing unique challenges. By connecting with these communities, you can gain access to expert advice, personal stories, and practical tips that can make a positive impact on your family’s journey. Remember, you are not alone in your parenting journey, and these resources are here to help you navigate the world of special needs parenting.