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Top Resources for Learning about Special Needs Technology and Apps

Aug 13, 2023

Technology has become an essential tool for supporting individuals with special needs. From apps that aid communication to devices that help with daily tasks, the impact of technology on the lives of those with special needs is immeasurable. But where do you start your journey in understanding and utilizing these resources? We’ve compiled a list of top resources for learning about special needs technology and apps.

1. Autism Speaks

Autism Speaks is a comprehensive resource for all things related to autism, including technology. Their website provides a list of useful apps categorized by skill area, age, and device. They also offer tips on how to choose the right app for your child’s specific needs.

2. BridgingApps

BridgingApps, a program of Easter Seals Greater Houston, offers an extensive database of app reviews conducted by therapists, teachers, parents, and people with disabilities. This resource helps identify the best app to meet the unique needs of individuals with disabilities.

3. AbleNet University

AbleNet University offers free webinars on various topics related to assistive technology, including how to use specific devices or apps. These webinars can be a great way to learn about new technologies and how they can be implemented.

4. Friendship Circle App Review

The Friendship Circle App Review provides reviews on hundreds of special needs apps in over thirty categories ranging from communication to social skills. Each review includes information about the app’s features, cost, and potential users.

5. TechMatrix

TechMatrix allows you to search for educational and assistive technology products based on specific student characteristics and goals. It’s an excellent resource for finding suitable tech tools for students with special needs.

6. Parent Center Hub’s Technology Resources Page

The Parent Center Hub’s Technology Resources Page offers numerous articles, webinars, and other resources about assistive technology for children with disabilities – all aimed at parents.

In conclusion, while navigating the world of special needs technology and apps may seem overwhelming at first glance, these resources can provide valuable guidance. Remember that every individual is unique; what works best will depend on their specific needs and preferences. As you explore these resources, keep an open mind and don’t hesitate to reach out to professionals or other caregivers for advice!